I am attentive
Aquamarine, ultramarine, I nearly splash, retain the rain, I am retentive
Of your moods
Oh of your blues, your baby blues, towards your sadness I’m attentive
To your waves
Your neuro waves, my neuro waves, the blue, the red, someone inclined could make a graph
I am inclined
Towards you ever so slightly, so my spare attentions could benevolently slide
Oh yes I see
You see, you mean it only slightly, only Tuesdays, not quite literally always – that’s okay
I’m only watching
They are enlarged, attentive pupils, to make up for all the darkness and the fog
I’m only watching
You exit here, enter there, making tracks that shift from fox to rat to bear, you are wily
It is okay
I am attentive, it is only attention, see? The red, the blue, I’m only making
A graph
One day I’ll stop you in your tracks and I will take your autograph and I will give you
A blue button


I think by now I know more than I don’t
The blows blew by that you so deftly dealt
A nebulous blue sun, a blue sailboat
Atop the lake in willows done in Delft

The shepherdess, the suitor, skirts of lace
Repeat the same forgetful blue gavotte
Repeat of tiles around the fireplace
Of our lake-house that we have never bought

You want to be my conscience or my muse?
You wanted to be neither here nor there
Nor dexter, sinister, hypotenuse
Between the two; I do no longer care

The lake is still and blue but life is fluid
The lake is still, like you, a picture only
I wish for it no more, so what, I blew it
I wish for it no more than I am lonely


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