My broken engagement is broken.

I hurt like a peeled carrot.

I would hide at my Aunt’s in Hoboken,

But cold and un-soothed, I can’t bear it.

You wear your lips in a bow-tie,

I’ll wear my skirt in a tulip,

You can take me out on a boat and I

Think I will take that mint julep.

The evening sun melts like a sundae.

I peel like a hurt carrot.

You tell me your uncle will run for DA;

My ring was a six-carat.

I am a befouled Hepburn.

I can tell up which tree you are barking.

Your drawl is a salve for my sunburn.

What the hell, you can take me parking.

You’re a man of means and no virtue,

Of bourbon and a boutonniere,

My skirt will only skirt you,

You’re a fancier, a financier.

You don’t know how hard it is for me.

I am finished, I’m ready to walk.

Take your hand off my knee and pour me

Another one on the rocks.


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