Killed a Cat

A body’s a body and flesh is warm milk:
No secrets, a pleasure boat.
Lay down your arms and let down thy silk –
And that is all she wrote.
The mercury climbs from warm to high
And happily boils down to this:
Will my eye meet a curious eye
After we break the kiss?

Your body is fine, a pleasure mine,
A bath, a burrow, a nest –
But will your mind be dancing with mine
When my head falls asleep on your chest?
No treasure, no debt, my pleasure pet,
No problem, I’m glad, Gesundheit.
But as we smoke-signal with cigarettes –
Will you turn-signal my light?

Can we speak directly? Can I be direct? Do I speak correctly? Do I be correct?
Your ashes are falling, your ashes are falling, your eyelids are falling, eyelashes I’m wrecked.
The Citgo outside is burning within and donuts are going stale.
I’ll put my hand on your eyelids and spin.
I’ll put my hand up for sale.


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