What Flags

What flags do you run up your stake?
What flags do you fly?
What news do you share?
The daily Lüscher,
But rarely the Swiss cross.
But often it’s something that’s crisscross,
Like scissors across a desire.
Sometimes a dead snake.
Sometimes a coat of arms, or just arms
Waving across the sky – come here!
An Inflatable Wacky Waving Tube Man,
Sometimes just a coat
Impaled on a steeple:
A scare-crow, a scare-people.
A weather-vane boat,
A weather-vane rooster, a weather-vane watering can.
Sometimes a sphere, the flag of Japan.
Sometimes just atmosphere.
Mama Bear Laura Ashley bloomers,
Sometimes a heraldic shield,
But mostly windshield wipers,
Broomers and groomers,
Crisscross the sky,
To keep me a clear


One thought on “What Flags

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