Won’t Come Out

I am supposed to be a shining pillar
A tall impeccable column of light
I’ve come up short I am short
I failed everyone
I ruined the show
Now my love will snap at the waist
Bending down to me to say how could you,
Don’t you see I’m breaking
Now my children will be dwarfs
And I will never reach God, and my
Short fingers will not touch His like the postcard
In the airport lounge showed they can
No new glittering tooth can rest on me
I fell short as a spoke
I fell short of breath as I spoke
Forgive me I’ll leave
I’ll just have a small drink and leave
Not the whole glass
Not a tall drink
A short one
And brown
I was supposed to be a pillar
A sequoia
But I am just rye
Like the whole field of us
Smothered with rain


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