Code II

Why did you hide and make me go?
Did you revoke it?
I know I punched in the right code.
And you re-locked it.
I saw the light; the curtain moved,
And something flitted.
And everybody lies to me.
And I am liquid.
I didn’t plan to wreck your life
Or cut your hair.
I only wanted to see you
Sit in your chair.
I waved across the wooded gap;
Hard wind was blowing.
I only thought then that you were
Someone worth knowing.
Yes, it is true I’m old and sad,
But why the padlock.
I do take care of myself.
I’m my own pet rock.
Maybe you poorly understand
Maybe you don’t know you’ve shut out
A desperation.
No see, no hear, no touch from me;
Dog-whistle, maybe.
When we hang up, it is still me,
Your roiling baby.

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