Failing Forward: An Interview

Business: “Describe a time when you were failing forward.”
Poet: “Failing forward
Is an afterlife
That is a type of heavy clay
When all your kids are viciously insane
And everybody speaks in acronyms.
That’s why you go grieving
By the pond not by the river,
Because the river
Makes you think of going by.
And to put off the thoughts,
You yearn for a touch of the living,
A meaningful warm hand along the vertebrae;
A temporary beaming
Of eyes that helps with falling
Asleep and dreaming
That afterlife is humus.”
Business: “So, that was failing forward?”
Poet: “Did you need a coda?
Da capo
Al fine.”
Business: “Do you have experience
In B2B solutions?”
Poet: “Only as a Hamlet.”

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